Welcome to TogoStanza!

TogoStanza is a generic Web framework which enables the development of reusable Web components that are embeddable into any Web applications. Although it can be used for any purposes, the main focus of TogoStanza is to assist the development of Semantic Web components such as querying SPARQL endpoints and visualizing the retuned results. This portal site provides a showcase of existing TogoStanza components and a set of documents for users and developers.

Stanza and NanoStanza

TogoStanza is developed by Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS) and its service, framework and source code are freely available. Currently the TogoStanza framework supports two types of components, Stanza (standard version) and NanoStanza (iconic version), both are embeddable into any Web applications.

Our motivation to introduce the TogoStanza framework was originated from the fact that there were huge redundancies in the database development in life sciences. For example, many existing genome databases have independenly developed mostly similar elements in their Web applications. With TogoStanza, service providers can focus on the development of database components unique to their data and save the development costs by reusing and/or customizing existing components.